If you are a hunter in Newfoundland and Labrador, and would like us to assist you in donating some of your harvest to a local food bank, please contact us at or leave a message for Debbie at 709-771-5555.

NOTE: We are only able to accept moose meat harvested during this hunting season.

Through our program:

  1. A hunter will bring their moose to their butcher as usual. Donations are preferred by food banks in (approximately) 1.5 lb packages of ground moose, and must be frozen before donation, for safety reasons. This is the easiest way for a food bank to accept and make use of the donations. Contact us if you do not have the ability to freeze the meat, as we have a large size freezer on site.
  2. The hunter must contact us and disclose some information – their name, town/city, phone number and tag number from their license. Tag numbers are needed to make sure that the hunter has a license for the moose.
  3. The butcher will process the meat and between us, we can arrange for drop off, either to our office or at the food bank. There is no further obligation to the hunter. We will arrange for the donation to get to a local food bank.

Outside of our program, hunters will be able to donate to their local food banks as well. We would advise any hunters wishing to do that, to first contact the food bank and ask them about accepting the donation. They will let you know if they have the room to accept the donation on the date it will be ready.

For a list of food banks, click on this link. This is a map, curated by Food First NL.