Hunters Sharing The Harvest

Our first program is Hunters Sharing The Harvest.

Our Hunters Sharing The Harvest program is inspired by similar program elsewhere in Canada and the US, usually under the banner of Hunters Helping The Hungry or something similar.

We have worked hard over the years to lobby the government to allow hunters to donate moose meat to local food banks. In September 2020, Barry & Debbie met with Minister Elvis Loveless and his staff, along with Eg Walters from Community Food Sharing Association. They accepted our presentation and we have worked together through a pilot program to allow donations of big game to food banks, which started in mid-November 2020.

In November 2022, the Provincial Government will make the final amendment to the legislation.

Hunters who wish to donate a portion of their harvest can contact us to facilitate the donation or to get more information on how they can donate.